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It is not easy to end up behind a locked door with not a single key to available. The experience is really frustrating. You are standing outside your own home or office and you can do nothing with it. But wait you can… You can try following steps to unlock the door according to the availability of common things which you can find outside your locked home.

Step 1: search for a screwdriver, an Allan wrench, a grinder, a metal paper cutter, a straight stick, and a self locking pin. These will prove supportive later on in unlocking the door.

Step 2: get the screwdriver, insert it into the keyhole, and verify the screwdriver fits perfectly in the lock. At that point, delicately turn it around, attempting to unlock it the door.

Step 3: get the Allan torque and utilize the grinder to cut some metal off it so it fits pleasantly into the key opening. When you have it quite of the right thickness, attempt to twist it around until the door unlocks.

Step 4: get the metal paper clip, fix it, and after that make a little circle at its end. Insert the circle into the lock and attempt to unlock it by moving the lock pins into spot.

Step 5: use a straight stick and attempt to unlock the lock by putting it into the key opening and moving it around.

Step 6: take the metal self locking safety pin and supplement it into the lock. Move it around until the door lock at open.

In case any of the tricks mentioned above doesn’t work for you can you can contact us for the professional services. We will solve the problem in no time.

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