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A key maker in the locksmith professional and I n the sci-fi blockbuster movie there is a character which is usually in the line of professionals .The character is called Mr. key maker assist Mr. neo by the opening the doors that determine the future of the matrix system. The inclusion of the locksmith professionals in the character shows how importance the idea of locksmith and the job as profession is .

Therefore a locksmith like the Simi Valley Locksmith personnel should not degrade themselves and they should know that their professional is of importance in the country and it is a key player in the determination of national income as well as personnel income. The ancient locking system lock can be traced back to Egyptian civilization .As many people are aware that civilization started in the mediterean sea region and Egypt played a big part in the civilization process.

4000 years ago  is the period when civilization started .During the period of Emperor surgeon is when the first lock and key system was discovered .The term smith  in the locksmith refers to the personnel  who is involved in the shaping of the metal in order to make useful products  which will form some part in the complex final product. The process of the assigning and designing locks is referred to as locksmithing .Locksmithing is of great importance.

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